Mark Ragg

Mark Ragg MBBS BA is a non-Indigenous man with long and varied experience in health, policy and research, and more recently justice.

Mark has worked as a senior writer at the Sydney Morning Herald and as a contributor to journals such as The Lancet. He has worked as a consultant to governments and NGOs on health policy, on program design and on communications, being a major contributor to programs such as NSW Health’s Quit for New Life, the Commonwealth Government’s Healthy Weight Guide and Cancer Council NSW’s Tackling Tobacco program.

Mark has degrees in medicine and arts. He has worked as a medical practitioner in emergency departments in Sydney and rural NSW, and in East Timor, and has sat on the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal. He has learned evaluation through immersion, being mentored and professional development.

He is also Adjunct Fellow in Indigenous Health at UTS, a member of the Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network Human Research Ethics Committee, and a member of the Australasian Evaluation Society. He is the minority owner of Yulang.

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