Victorian Ombudsman review of prison health service access

Building on the Cultural review of the Victorian adult custodial corrections system, this was a formal investigation by the Victorian Ombudsman. Yulang led the examination of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s access to prison health services, including in relation to commitments in policy statements, frameworks, legislation and rights, as well as workforce culture,

This investigation included prison inspections, data and document reviews. It required examination of the funding arrangements for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community controlled health organisations and other ACCOs to deliver health care, and holistic care, to which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in prison have the right.

This investigation produced recommendations to address barriers to health care and rights, including funding arrangements, data sharing, interpretation and reporting, procurement of government and private sector providers, and engagement with community protocols, Elders, experts and supports.

The full report is available.

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