Evaluation of the Waratah program

The Waratah project is an initiative of the Association of Independent Schools (NSW), which has a membership of almost 500 independent schools. It supports participating schools to develop and implement strategies that will support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The Waratah project is funded by the Australian Government.

We are working with AIS (NSW) from January 2023 to December 2025 to evaluate the program so it can enhance and grow the program through the identification of successful measures and strategies that enable impact and cultural responsiveness. 

We are taking a mixed-methods approach, drawing on the Ngaa-bi-nya Aboriginal evaluation framework, which identifies concepts of importance for health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people, and triggers identification of data sources for these about topics at hand.

We are also taking a socioecological approach, which explains that for policies and programs to be effective, they need to act at multiple levels – at the level of the individual, the family, the community, at organisational level and at the societal level. Evaluation therefore needs to consider each of these levels.

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