Our approach to evaluation

Our principles

Yulang is guided by a set of principles: Respecting diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people Informed by Indigenous peoples’ evidence, priorities and rights …

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If you’re an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have the right to design and direct all elements of evaluation and research. This means you are to be …

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If you’re a government, university or business

If you’re in government, in business or at a university, you want to know that you work with people who have skills and experience …

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Why choose an Aboriginal-led team

If you're an Aboriginal-led organisation We don't really need to sell you on this one. You will know,  deep in your heart, …

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Our approach to ethics

We value honesty, integrity and ethical practice. We always take an ethical approach, in which we only do evaluation: if the evaluation’s purpose is …

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When is ethical approval needed?

An ethical approach is always needed, in which we only do evaluation: if the evaluation’s purpose is to assess or improve policy or service …

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Where feasible, Yulang Indigenous Evaluation establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Group for projects, with the aim of drawing on the wisdom and …

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Data sovereignty thumbnail

Data sovereignty

We uphold, and contribute to, diverse ways of knowing, being and doing, including acknowledging and observing intellectual property and the protection of cultural heritage and …

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Evaluation during Covid-19

At the moment, the future is uncertain. Covid-19 has disrupted usual patterns of life, family life, work, travel and human interactions. Some parts of …

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What type of evaluation thumbnail

What type of evaluation

While the language of evaluation can be confusing, there are generally considered to be three broad types of evaluations[ref]Source: Adapted from Productivity Commission. …

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