Tess Ryan

Tess Ryan PhD is an Aboriginal woman from Biripai country who has worked substantially in government and community organisations supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. She is multidisciplinary in her approach, writing and discussing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, feminist power, media representation, leadership, research, cultural safety, public health and education.

Tess has significant experience gathering data through interviews for a project with the Lowitja Institute on the Indigenous Health Researcher Workforce, where she was the project lead, and in gathering data for two projects regarding Indigenous education and the NAPLAN system. Tess currently works embedding Indigenous knowledges into the curriculum at the Australian Catholic University, and in building a research studies pipeline for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. She is the convenor of the university’s Indigenous Ethics Advisory Panel, and a member of its Human Research Ethics Committee and University Research Committee.

We’re pleased to have Tess as an associate at Yulang.

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