Kenny Lawson

Kenny is an applied economist with 17 years of experience, 12 years in industry (government, banking and international development) and seven years in applied research, across multiple countries. He is Head of Applied Economics and System Science at the University of Sydney, and an associate at Yulang.

Kenny has a pragmatic focus on decision analysis and economic evaluation to support investment decisions by policymakers to generate better value and integrate social and economic returns together, especially to reduce social inequalities. He has a particular interest in applying and improving economic tools to help to support the social, cultural and economic development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Kenny has a track record in attracting major industry and research funding and a wide scientific publication record. He is an active consultant to various organisations, including: Treasury, Health and Transport (NSW), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Council, Apunipima (QLD), Sax Institute and NAB (Social Return on Investment). Kenny also has active international research links with WHO, World Bank and the World Economic Forum, with multiple universities (e.g. Oxford, Columbia, Glasgow), with the UK’s Medical Research Council and with the Canadian Institute of Public Health.

Kenny has a particular interest in novel system dynamic policy modelling to simulate in real time the local system of interest, so as to estimate the real-world impact of policy and interventions, and to support strategic priority setting and multisector policy coordination to ensure sustained and equitable outcomes.

We’re pleased to have Kenny as an associate at Yulang.

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